1. hanging out under highways

  3. Ocean Park

  5. accidentally walked in on a Macklemore soundcheck during a site visit at AsiaWorldExpo

  6. Cheung Chau island

    fishing village, beaches, and gai daan tsai (egg waffles!) from Popo’s 

    egg waffle picture from CNN

  8. nightlife  

    volar & sugar

  9. early morning commute, March 2014

  11. Quarry Bay

  12. suuuuuper trippy view from the glass-bottomed cable car to Ngong Ping 360 on Lantau

  13. Makeshift bachelorette party, from february

  14. spotted a space invader on Queens Road West, since been taken down

  15. n2o ice cream and japanese thrift stores in tai hang, from 02/14