1. Kwun Tong, a former heavy industrial area, is in the midst of extensive urban revitalization.  Renewal is focused on turning the area into a second central business district (dubbed CBD2), housing creative and tech industries.  Should be interesting to see how it pans out.

  2. Sai Kung

  3. midnight express

  4. residensity

  5. ferry from North Point to Kwun Tong

  6. sunset from my building

  8. hanging out under highways

  10. Ocean Park

  12. accidentally walked in on a Macklemore soundcheck during a site visit at AsiaWorldExpo

  13. Cheung Chau island

    fishing village, beaches, and gai daan tsai (egg waffles!) from Popo’s 

    egg waffle picture from CNN

  15. nightlife  

    volar & sugar